3 Ways Remaining in the Home Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

You may have heard the quote that says, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” At Senior LIFE, we believe it’s both. That’s why our services help promote both longevity and quality of life for seniors in our communities.

There’s certainly a difference between living a long life and living a fulfilling one. Ideally, you want both. For many seniors, the ability to remain in their home environment is a key part of their quality of life.

LIFE programs, like Senior LIFE, allow seniors to live within the community while also having access to health care and support services. In addition to health-related services, members also gain access to a variety of programs to help keep them mentally, physically, and socially active. These are all components to a fulfilling life as we age.

What benefits do seniors gain from remaining in the home as they age? Read on for a look at three key benefits.

3 Ways Remaining in the Home Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Decrease Loneliness

Feeling alone is common among American adults, particularly for older adults. In fact, according to AARP, more than 40 million adults age 45 and older experience chronic loneliness.

That sounds bad enough, but did you know that loneliness and isolation can have a big impact on our health? An American Psychological Association study found that people who socialize more are 50 percent less likely to die early.

When seniors move into a nursing home or other senior living environment, they often interact with others less frequently or feel isolated. By remaining in the familiar home and community environment, older adults feel like a true part of the community—and are able to socialize with their family members and friends.

Through the Senior LIFE program, seniors gain an additional benefit. They’re also able to interact regularly with others their age at the Senior LIFE Center.

Offer Comfort & Security

Have you ever been away from home and felt a huge sense of relief and comfort when you returned to your house?

Imagine that scenario on a larger scale. As baby boomers age, more and more of them are choosing to remain in their homes, rather than moving into a traditional senior setting.

In large part, that’s because they want to be in the comfort of their own homes. Aging can be scary enough without moving into an unfamiliar environment.

Staying in their own homes—and within their own communities—helps provide seniors with a layer of comfort that enhances their quality of life.

Help to Retain Independence

As young kids, we fight to gain independence. We want to “do it” ourselves.

As we age, our fight is to keep our independence. No one wants to rely on others for everything. That’s why many seniors choose to stay at home.

Seniors want to be independent members of the community for as long as possible. While they may require assistance with some activities, staying at home and active helps provide a sense of fulfillment.

Performing many tasks of daily life—or even any of them—themselves offers older adults an improved quality of life and sense of satisfaction.

Quality of Life for Seniors: What Our Members Have to Say

We can tell you all about the many benefits of Senior LIFE and how it helps improve quality of life for seniors. But we believe our members can say it even better.

“I love Senior LIFE. It gives me something to look forward to, and I know I’m well cared-for at the center.”—Rose, member at Senior LIFE Uniontown

“I feel so much more happy with Senior LIFE. I was so lonely and bored because I couldn’t walk around much anymore. Senior LIFE gives me people to talk to and somewhere to go.”—Herbert, member at Senior LIFE Reading

“From the minute I stepped foot in the building, I knew Senior LIFE was for me. I really like the food, therapies, and socialization. It’s a wonderful place for seniors. Senior LIFE gives me life and gives me a chance to get out with life around me.”—Odessa, member at Senior LIFE Uniontown

Want to join the ranks of these satisfied Senior LIFE members? Senior LIFE services are available at no cost for those who qualify. Find out more about what Senior LIFE offers and how to get started.

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