Medication Management for Seniors: There’s a Better Way

Seniors often take a large number of medications to help manage several different chronic medical conditions. Because more seniors are remaining in the home as they age, they and their caregivers are tasked with managing their medications.

This can be challenging, for a number of reasons. Handling multiple medications that need to be taken at different times of the day can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. That confusion can lead to medication-related mistakes and even hospitalizations.

But Senior LIFE can help members overcome the challenges related to medication management for seniors.

Let’s first take a look at the challenges seniors face.

Why Medication Management for Seniors Can Be Challenging

The biggest challenges for seniors when it comes to medications is that they simply take more medications than their younger counterparts. A study from the University of Chicago found that nearly 70 percent of seniors take five or more medications or supplements.

Because medications can be taken in multiple doses during the day, keeping track of them can be difficult. In addition, some medications are best taken in the morning, some are best in the evening, some need to be taken with food, and some are only taken when they’re needed, such as those for pain.

Seniors may also have difficulty following a medication regimen for other reasons.

People may not understand why they’re taking a medication or how it should be used. Or they may simply forget to take a medication or choose not to take it because it’s causing side effects. Seniors living within the community may also have difficulty traveling to a pharmacy to get their medications.

No matter what the reason, not taking medications as prescribed can lead to more serious health conditions and even hospitalization.

How Senior LIFE Can Help With Medication Management for Seniors

Senior LIFE understands the challenges related to medication management for seniors. That’s why we offer multiple programs designed to help overcome those challenges.

Through our medication management program, members receive all of their approved medications through Senior LIFE. This may include both prescription and over-the-counter medications or supplements.

These medications are delivered directly to the home, meaning seniors and their caregivers don’t need to travel to a pharmacy—or even the Senior LIFE Center—to get medications.

Trying to keep track of multiple pill bottles can be confusing, and it can be even be difficult to get into them. With that in mind, our medications are packaged in easy-to-open perforated packages that identify when a medication should be taken.

Along with the medications, members also receive information related to each medication to help them understand why they’re taking a medication and how to take it correctly.

Members also have access to Medication Therapy Management, where a trained Senior LIFE pharmacist talks with members to answer any questions they may have about their medications.

These tools can all be used to help seniors manage their medications and take them as prescribed.

Medication management is only one aspect of what Senior LIFE offers. Senior LIFE services are available at no cost for those who qualify. Find out more about what Senior LIFE offers and how to get started.

Last updated on October 23rd, 2017 at 10:51 am

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