Senior LIFE Program Partners with Penn State College of Nursing

Senior LIFE, a federal and state funded Medicare and Medicaid Program for seniors, is proud to announce a partnership with Penn State College of Nursing. This new partnership will support the college’s Program for Enhancing Excellence in Care (PEEC).

Through this partnership, Senior LIFE will take an active role in the development and nurturement of community geriatric educational opportunities for healthcare administration, nursing, and other healthcare professionals.

The goal of the program is to develop and refine content for a person-centered, excellence in care education model that will be effective in Healthcare communities. The educational opportunities will be developed using a community-based, hands-on approach.

Educational opportunities created through the PEEC partnership program include the development of senior caregiver skills for nursing assistants, increased clinical knowledge and expertise for registered nurses caring for the geriatric population, leadership development in person-centered care, and coaching of healthcare personnel.

Pennsylvania has one of the nation’s largest populations of adults age 65 and older, many of whom live in rural areas. This partnership is strategically positioned to provide meaningful education in geriatric nursing. It will prepare the next generation of nurses for caring for the elderly.

Aging, caregiving, and the privilege of growing older impact everyone. Senior LIFE is committed to bettering the healthcare of seniors in our community. We look forward to the educational opportunities that this program will create.

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Last updated on November 21st, 2019 at 04:21 pm