What is the LIFE Program?

The LIFE Program which stands for Living Independence for the Elderly is a Home and Community-Based model of care designed to provide all medical, social and personal support services to eligible Pennsylvanians so they can continue to live in their home and avoid nursing home placement. The program is state and federally funded by Medicare and Medicaid.

To be eligible for the LIFE Program, participants must:

  • Be 55 years of age or older
  • Be determined medically eligible
  • Be able to be safely served in their home
  • Live in a county served by a LIFE Program

Senior LIFE is the local and State authorized LIFE Program in this area. Senior LIFE is an alternative option to Community HealthChoices.

There is no cost to enroll in Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE coordinates members’ Medicare and Medicaid services all under one roof.

Participants can enroll or disenroll in Senior LIFE at any time.

Senior LIFE services include:

Doctors, nurses and specialists
Prescription medications
Physical, occupational and speech therapies
Social services
Homecare services
Personal care services
Medical equipment and supplies
Plus an on-call nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Senior LIFE coordinates members' Medicare and Medicaid services all under one roof.

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    More Information on Community HealthChoices:

    DHS LIFE Program Video

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    For more information on Community HealthChoices, please visit: http://dhs.pa.gov/



    Why choose Senior LIFE for your health plan?

    • Senior LIFE is an alternative option to Community HealthChoices.
    • Senior LIFE’s healthcare network includes doctors, specialists, health services, and hospitals located in the local community.
    • Senior LIFE is a long-established proven model of care. The LIFE Program began 40 years ago in the state of California and came to Pennsylvania 18 years ago. Senior LIFE has been serving seniors in Western Pennsylvania communities for over 10 years and is the largest LIFE provider in the state.
    • Senior LIFE provides EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND CARE and a very personal, hands-on approach.
    • Senior LIFE treats its members with respect and dignity, addressing all of their health and personal care needs as they continue to live independently in their home.
    • Senior LIFE is run by local organizations, uses local facilities and employs local people. All care is provided in members’ homes and neighborhoods by local healthcare professionals.
    • Senior LIFE provides medical services, medications, social services, recreational activities, personal care, home care, therapies, transportation, durable medical equipment and much more. All services with the exception of emergency care must be approved by the LIFE Provider.
    • Senior LIFE is a Prescription Drug provider who provides and delivers medications directly to members’ homes at no cost.
    • Senior LIFE members are 99% satisfied with the overall care they receive and would recommend Senior LIFE to a friend or family member. Source: ISAT Satisfaction Survey conducted by Vital Research 2014.
    • Senior LIFE works with each member to develop a care plan designed to meet their specific needs. The care plans are developed, coordinated and reviewed consistently with members at their local LIFE Center.
    • Senior LIFE provides transportation for all members from their home to the local LIFE Center, to all medical appointments and across all healthcare settings.
    • Senior LIFE is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and doctors and nurses make house calls.
    • Senior LIFE has LIFE Centers located in the following areas: Greensburg, Uniontown, Washington, Waynesburg, Johnstown, Ebensburg, Indiana, Altoona, York, Reading, Bethlehem and Harrisburg.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I am currently enrolled in Community HealthChoices with another provider. Can I change my provider to LIFE? Senior LIFE is a Community HealthChoices alternative option. If you are 55 or older and eligible, You may select the LIFE program at any time.
    • What providers do I have to choose from? If you are 55 or older and eligible, you can choose to enroll in a LIFE Program, or you can select one of the State-approved managed care organizations.
    • What if I am currently receiving home care or other services through the Pennsylvania Aging Waiver program? The State will replace the PA Aging Waiver Program with Community HealthChoices. Participants in this program must choose a provider to coordinate their care. Participants receiving Aging Waiver services meet all of the eligibility requirements for the LIFE Program and can transition seamlessly to LIFE.
    All services with the exception of emergency care are provided and/or coordinated by Senior LIFE. Participants are responsible for the cost of any unauthorized services used from outside the network.

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