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Senior LIFE & COVID-19

At Senior LIFE, our dedicated healthcare and support staff are working around the clock to protect our member during this unprecedented time. We're are complying with COVID-19 CDC guidelines to assure that our members stay as healthy and as functional as possible.

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Services of the LIFE Program

Every aspect of the program is customized to meet the member’s needs. A member’s individualized care plan may include a variety of services for the elderly, including rehabilitation, social services, transportation, and medications.

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Eligibility for the LIFE Program

Members must be age 55 or older, be medically eligible as determined by the state, live in a service area, and be able to live safely in the community. There is no cost to enroll for those who qualify.

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Welcome to Senior LIFE! We're so Glad to have you!

At Senior LIFE we provide one stop healthcare. Medications, doctors visits, specialists, rehab, social services, even transportation are all handled by your Senior LIFE staff. All while keeping you living at home. Senior LIFE is a Medicare and Medicaid health plan that comes to you, that is made for you.

Senior LIFE has a dedicated staff of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, homecare coordinators, social workers, physical and speech therapists, transportation and more. This dedicated staff, also known as the interdisciplinary team, is able to provide Senior LIFE members with an impressive list of medical and home care services as determined and approved by the team.

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    Senior LIFE is a group of independently owned and operated LIFE Program providers.

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