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Make the Most of Your Golden Years

Experience a healthcare program designed with you in mind. 

What sets our program apart? The benefits you receive when you enroll.  

See for yourself how Senior LIFE could help keep you home.

Benefits of the LIFE Program

Support and care where you need it most.

Have Medicare and Medicaid services coordinated for you.

Senior LIFE partners with participants and their families to manage all necessary medical care and support services including hospital stays. 

You also have assistance from the Senior LIFE staff in scheduling doctor visits, completing tedious paperwork, and managing all your health care and support needs.

Get prescription medication coverage at no cost*

Receive all medications, including those covered by Medicare Part D, through Senior LIFE. 

You no longer have to travel to outside pharmacies or deal with your insurance companies. 

Plus, there are no copays, no deductibles, and no cost for medications when you are a Senior LIFE participant on Medicaid who lives in the community.

*for participants on Medicaid who live in the community.

Get compassionate support for your family caregivers

Rest assured that your family’s decisions about your care will always be considered. 

We collaborate with family members to determine a plan that best meets your unique needs, and can modify the plan based on your growing needs.

Gain access to preventive care

Ultimately, we want you to live independently in the community you know and love for as long as possible. 

Therefore, we focus on preventative care which includes regular check-ups and screenings. 

Get free transportation to and from your destination

Whether you’re heading to the Senior LIFE Center, a medical appointment within your community, we will get you there.  Transportation to all approved appointments and locations is provided to you at no cost. 

Our trained transportation team provides “through-the-door” service to ensure you always arrive safely.

“Participants are responsible for any unauthorized services as determined by Senior LIFE. In-network and out-of-network emergency services are covered by Senior LIFE. Senior LIFE is a voluntary program, participants may disenroll at any time.

The LIFE Program will be the participant’s sole service provider. The LIFE Program provides access to all services but cannot guarantee access to specific providers.

Better Outcomes — Better You

Live with Dignity and Quality of Life at Home

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An Evaluation. Olympia WA. This study was sponsored by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Research and Data Analysis Division, June 29, 2005. Page 2 and Page 7. Senior LIFE has no direct relationship with this entity. Sample Size 227 PACE Enrolles from Providence ElderPlace PACE site in Seattle.

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A Comparison of Medicare capitation rates to projected costs in the absence of PACE. Cambridge, Mass.: Abt Associates. Page 26 – 27. Health Care Financing Administration sponsored the study. Senior LIFE has no relationship with this entity. The samples used in this report are drawn from those who were eligible for and made an initial application to PACE. The treatment group consists of those who enrolled in PACE during the January 1995- February 1997 data collection period. During the study period, 3,009 individuals were recorded who met the eligibility criteria as having applied to the PACE program.

Senior LIFE is a provider of the program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) called LIFE in Pennsylvania. The LIFE Program is a Medicare and Medicaid approved long-term care program that provides complete medical care and supportive services for persons 55 years and older so that they can remain living in their home.

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