What Seniors Can Teach Us About Living a Simple Life

In today’s modern society, everyone moves at a break-necking pace and tried-and-true life lessons are often lost in the shuffle. When you talk to a senior, they’ll be the first to tell you about living a simple life and how the good old days were better. We often dismiss these stories as a bygone age, but, just maybe, there’s something to these stories. Below are 3 life lessons from the “golden age” that we should all follow.

Simple Life Lesson #1: Kindness is Key; Treat Others The Way You’d Like to Be Treated

There is so much media attention these days on violence. From school shootings to internet bullying, it seems like it is commonplace for people to be violent to one another. Seniors can remind us daily that kindness and empathy are priceless, the old adage stays true – Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

And kindness is easy. Offer a warm smile, actively listen when someone is talking to you, offer a helping hand. These tasks are simple but incredibly kind and can often turn around someone else’s day.

At Senior LIFE, we truly believe in heartfelt kindness is the way to treat our members.  Members who come to our LIFE Health and Wellness Center are treated like family by the entire staff, are served a warm meal, and are given opportunities to socialize. Meeting these basic needs  like medical care, transportation, and meals are kindnesses we extend to all of our members.

Simple Life Lesson #2: Cultivate Friendship

As adults, life gets so hectic that we sometimes forget to routinely catch up with friends or to offer a friendly message (even if it is just a text these days). Seniors remind us that keeping up with friends is important and that the friends that you choose to keep are usually the ones who care about you for your entire life.

When life gets hard it’s essential to have someone to lean on and talk to, especially if family is not nearby. Friends not only help you navigate tough times, but they can also have mental and physical health benefits.

Simple Life Lesson #3: Tell Your Story

Reminiscing with family and friends is a favorite pastime for seniors, and for good reason. Capturing and sharing your life and family story is a chance to pass along wisdom to younger generations and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Further, it gives you an opportunity for self-reflection and an understanding of who you are. Stories are an opportunity to connect with each other and share our emotions, passions, and life lessons.

Take for example, Senior LIFE member, Rose and her story:

When Rose Sopkovec was born in 1911, the pop up toaster was still eight years away from being invented, the average salary was $750 a year and life expectancy for women was just under 52 years.  In her younger years, she enjoyed cooking homemade meatballs and gnocchi for her family, and, according to her nephew, Vince Giachetti, Rose is “known for her lemon pies and macaroni and cheese.” She was also an avid dancer, and today, she still has affection for music. Her favorite dances are the Charleston, Shimmy, and the Jitterbug.

Rose joined Senior LIFE in 2010 so that she could receive the help she needed to stay in the comfort of her home. “Senior LIFE made it possible for Aunt Rose to maintain her independence and remain in her home until she was 104 years old,” said Vince. Both Rose and Vince expressed appreciation that Senior LIFE made it possible for Rose to keep her independence plus remain active and social all these years.  “I love Senior LIFE a lot, says Rose. It gives me something to look forward to and I know I am well cared for at the center.” What’s her secret to her longevity?  “Be happy and do things for yourself,” she says with a smile.

When you hear the phrases “in the good old days,” and “in my day…,” stop and listen, they may be teaching you more than you think.

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