Older Americans Month 2022: Age Their Way

May is Older Americans month. At Senior LIFE, we know that older adults play vital, positive roles in our communities. Seniors are family members, friends, mentors, volunteers, civic leaders, members of the workforce, and more. Our goal is to give seniors the ability to “age their way” by staying in their homes and out of the nursing facilities

Unique Needs, Unique Care

Just as every person is unique, so too is how they age and how they choose to do it – and there is no “right” way. All seniors should be given the option to not only do the things they love, but also to do them where they love to be. We are committed to letting seniors age their way. 

We strive to meet the unique needs of each individual Senior LIFE member by creating a plan of care that’s tailored to the individual. As the senior’s needs change, so does their care plan.

Where to start with aging in place

Aging in place looks different for everyone, but here are some common things to consider as seniors make decisions on what that looks like for them:

  • Planning: Think about what you will need and want in the future, from home and community-based services to community activities that interest you. Senior LIFE offers an array of services that can benefit you or your loved ones.
  • Engagement: Remain involved and contribute to your community through work, volunteer, and/or civic participation opportunities.
  • Access: Make home improvements and modifications, use assistive technologies, and customize supports to help you better age in place.
  • Connection: Maintain social activities and relationships to combat social isolation and stay connected to your community.

Diverse communities are strong communities. Ensuring that older adults remain involved and included in our communities for as long as possible benefits everyone. At Senior LIFE, we partner with seniors and their families to provide the medical care and supportive services they need to be able to age in place for as long as possible.

Senior LIFE provides all the medical care and support services seniors need to age their way. These services are provided in the home as well as the LIFE Health and Wellness Center. The LIFE Health and Wellness center is a hub for all of Senior LIFE’s offerings under one roof – creating less need for excessive travel, better use of resources, and the creation of a welcoming, familiar environment for members.

Contact us to see how we could help you or a loved one.

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