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Meet Rosalyn – “PACE: This Is the Place…”

Meet Rosalyn - "PACE: This Is the Place..."

This September, we at Senior LIFE are celebrating National PACE Month! During National PACE month, we invite interested families, and members of our local communities to visit our LIFE Health and Wellness Center to see firsthand why LIFE/PACE programs are the ideal option for keeping seniors independent in their own homes and cared for.  The […]

Senior LIFE Celebrates National PACE Month

Senior LIFE Celebrates National PACE Month

Observance Highlights the Promise of LIFE to Help Seniors Live Independently at Home September is National PACE Month, celebrating the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Senior LIFE is a provider of the PACE program, called LIFE in Pennsylvania. The innovative model of care allows seniors with long-term care needs to remain living […]

Frequently Asked Questions about The Senior LIFE Program

Whether you’re a caregiver for a senior or a senior yourself, you may have questions about how Senior LIFE works and what it entails. Read on for a look at some frequently asked questions about Senior LIFE. What is the LIFE program? “LIFE” stands for “Living Independence for the Elderly,” which is a joint Medicare/Medicaid […]

Making Senior Care at Home Easier and More Affordable – The Senior LIFE Program

Caring for an aging loved one can be stressful and frustrating, as well as emotionally and financially draining. Caregivers take on multiple roles; caring for mom and dad, their family, and maintaining their day-to-day lives, sometimes including full-time careers. Adding to the stress of caregiving for older loved ones can also include managing medications, getting […]

4 Ways Senior LIFE Promotes Socialization for Seniors

Recent research has found that a lack of socialization, along with isolation and loneliness, can be just as dangerous for older adults as some chronic health conditions. Socialization is important, though it can be more difficult to stay social as we age. Here’s how Senior LIFE can help. Why Socialization For Seniors Matters Socialization is […]

Making Sense of Health Care, Medicaid & How the LIFE Program Can Help

With all the choices, programs, changes, and processes for enrollment, Medicaid, often called Medical Assistance, can be confusing. And many older adults have heard of the LIFE Program, but wonder how it connects to Medicaid. If you are one of these seniors or their caregivers, keep reading! Medicaid is a federally mandated health insurance program […]

Answering Common Questions about the LIFE Program

If you’re a caregiver for a senior or you are a senior who is considering enrolling in Senior LIFE, you probably have questions about the LIFE Program. The Senior LIFE Program is designed to allow seniors to live their best lives at home, as opposed to living in a nursing home. Senior LIFE services give […]

Centered on You: Understanding Patient-centered Care

Considering the benefits of Senior LIFE? Our individualized, patient-centered care may be what sets us apart. But what exactly do we mean by person-centered care? Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a way of providing care that focuses intently on the needs and wants of the individual person. This method of care perfectly […]

Making Sense of Occupational Therapy

April is Occupational Therapy Month. You may have heard of occupational therapy, but do you really understand what it is and how it can help? Most people don’t know the exact definition of this type of therapy and assume that it’s related to an actual occupation or workplace. But that’s not the case. According to […]

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